Here are a few clips from stuff I've worked on that a) I'm very proud of, and b) I have a copy of!

The Big Quiz : Corrie v Emmerdale (RTS NW Award Winner)

This is part 3 from the RTS North West Award-winning quiz hosted by Stephen Mulhern which I edited at ITV Manchester. The show was awarded Best Entertainment Programme in 2012. I was the only editor on the programme, so I edited all the VT inserts and the studio isos and graphics. Courtesy of ITV.As a follow up, the following year I edited all the VT inserts for Emmerdale Live : The Fallout for ITV2, which also won RTS North West Entertainment Programme of 2013, and a year later I edited The A-Z of World War 1 (a very different but equally engaging programme for BBC Learning) which won Best Education Programme at RTS North West 2014.*technical note - I didn't capture this, so apologies for the odd aspect ratio!

This Girl Can Too!

For International Women's Day 2015, in tribute to Sport England's excellent 'This Girl Can' campaign to get women of all shapes and sizes to take part in sport, BBC Get Inspired commissioned this short film from producer Amanda Barnes featuring BBC TV and radio getting sweaty doing their favourite sports. Camera by Simon Makin, and edit and grade by me. Courtesy of BBC Get Inspired.

Crimefighters : The Vice

This first one is quite old - 2006 in fact - from a regional series I made for the long-defunct Zenith North at ITV Central, with an incredible producer/director called Rob Jones. It followed the vice squad of Nottinghamshire Police on their nightly patrols around the red light district. Rob was able to persuade the women involved to tell their stories on camera, to heartwrenching effect.

This is the series finale clip, where the women we've followed during the series tell us their hopes for the future. It's a heartbreaking end to a series which, whilst always thought-provoking, gave some genuinely funny and gut wrenching moments, in equal measure.

Superb camerawork by Steve Symes, a great dub by Robin Ward, unbelievable access by Rob Jones, and an off and online edit I'm still fiercely proud of, eight years later.

Courtesy ITV

Ade in Britain

This is probably my favourite clip from Series One of Ade in Britain. In this episode, Ade is in Lancashire, learning to drive a steam train. I re-watched it recently - and became engrossed all over again.

The programme was blessed with series production by Debra Prinselaar and great camerawork by
Simon Makin. I hope it makes you smile!

Courtesy ITV

Formula One Thrills and Spills

All the major incidents from 2012's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which I completed for BBC Sport. Fast and furious (both the action and the edit!).

Courtesy BBC Sport / F1

Children In Need : Charley's Track Triathlon

When a family friend's six-year-old boy wanted to raise money for Children in Need, his Dad devised a triathlon involving walking, cycling and go-karting his way round Dunsfold Park in Surrey, probably best known for the Top Gear test circuit.

Filmed by me driving a Transit (yes, I have driven the track too...) using two GoPros, a domestic camcorder and my iPhone 5 in a Steadicam Smoothee, this edit shows Charley's "Hour of Power" and how he raised over £3000 for Children in Need.

Tracy & John : Wedding Video To Go

I don't do wedding videos normally, but this was for two friends at ITV, and my only request was that I could edit on site and show the video to the gathered guests at the evening reception.

Shot by Simon Makin again, I knew I'd have enough great shots to make a "pop promo" of the day - but would I be able to complete it in time to show everyone at 10pm?

The result is below - the happy couple were also able to take away a smartphone-ready version to view on their honeymoon.
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